Hi and welcome to Artist Copy

A new online magazine

as of April 1st 2016 ArtistCopy started officially, focusing on capturing the live event, catching the audience excitement about the performance and vice versa, we are not there to judge but to capture. We believe in the story being told by pictures, that said pictures are not enough, so there will be a short introduction/information about the performers, with tags you will be able to see all articles from one venue, one artist etc.

We will at all times try to keep a respective view and tone to the performer, but we will still shoot and write What we see and hear, never fabric on the truth but keep our reporting on the small thin edge of the blade of righteous.

Our goal is helping spreading the word about Venues and Artist, for starters it is Venues located in Denmark, trying to get international awareness of concerts and other performance that would attract audience from other countries, on artist we would help portraying how the artist perform on stage, and when possible trying to get an interview.

As a news media we are currently registeret at Dansk Pressenævn, more might come as we become aware of it

Our photographers are used to shoot all shorts of events, from festivals to LGBT events, from venues at locals bar to artist performing on stage, many have met us before under other segments from local newspaper to festival news desk, we will never jeopardise the confidence between the artist, venue and us.


With the kindest regards

Allan Niss

Founder and Editor in chief


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