Copenhagen Opera Festival, the revelation

The scene

All journalist where asked to be at Nyhavn Peer at 12 sharp, where we where taken on a small but interesting trip around the canals in Copenhagen in one of the Canal Cruises boats.

Foto: Allan Niss,

Michael Bojesen
Director of Copenhagen Opera Festival
Foto: Allan Niss,

The revelation

We were welcome by Michael Bojesen, the director of Copenhagen Opera Festival(COF), who made a shortly introduction about the festival, before Simon Duus “from the local opera house” sang a beautiful presentation on what one could expect to hear this year, besides the obvious places for opera, the festival had made some arrangement with very small and intimate session with artist, so people with terminal deceases had the opportunity to have an artist visit where they where. Also Go Boat is involved in this festival, they appeared with a coalition with Spot Festival just the week before, so they are making there impact on the arts, with the COF they make it possible to rent a boat, and have an artist perform with you

Simon Duus From the local opera house Foto: Allan Niss,

Simon Duus
From the local opera house
Foto: Allan Niss,

On the boat tour we passed Borup Højskole, where the students preformed Carole King’s “You’ve got a friend” which they did very gracefully, event the journalist on board the boat was captivated by the perfomance and several join in on the rhythm part. Even though this was a very different and beautiful experience for a Canal Cruise, this will not be a part on the festival, but this was to bring the attention to that Borup Højskole was participating with a week opera course

The end of the boat cruise

As the boat cruise was about the finish and the steering was set to

Sibylle Glosted The years young operatalent Foto: Allan Niss,

Sibylle Glosted
The young operatalent of the year
Foto: Allan Niss,

Skuespilhuset, we had the pleasure of hearing an arie, performed by the very talented Sibylle Glosted, she also received the young operatalent of the year.

On a personal comment, I’ve never been much interested in opera, but the performance and the presentation that the festival and the artist have showed, then I discovered that some opera is easy listening and some you have to know your opera to appreciate, with what the festival have set up of events around Copenhagen, then with the start of Juli 31st, one should able to cope the more serious opera by August 7th

So if you are in Copenhagen in the that period, then go and enjoy the festival.

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