Picture the music Denmark

I’d had entered a contest about music pictures aka Picture the music

I’ve sendt in 4 pictures, that I though looked amazing, and with all the other participant it got to 2700 pictures.

The Jury consisting of Thomas Borberg (Photoeditor at Politikken), Rasmus Ranum (Photograph agent) and Lucy Love (Artist) had their work cut out for them, from April 7th until 18th the jury had been gazing through the masses, and lucky for this editor-in-chief, got his picture picked out

The picture is going on tour in Denmark, so if you pass a fair named “Picture the Music” the go in a see the awesome pictures hanging there, and hopefully you will spot mine as well

The story behind the picture

The artist Mø, who currently have big international hit, both by her self and with the artist Major Lazor, played on Smukfest biggest stage, and a rumour had been spreading that she would do a controlled Crowdsurf, the previous year her concert had been cut short because she impulsive did the crowd surf, and stage manager stopped her show because of this. But the rumour did say that it would be with the encore she would do this, waiting at the crowd controllers, she had made a few “near” crowd surf, but finally she did it, and I was lucky enough to catch her doing it 😀

If you look closely there is a hand holding her left shue this was the stage security that should ensure her safe return (But this was at Smukfest, so of course she returned safe)


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