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Lighthouse X streaming intimate concert

The winner of the Danish part of the European Song Contest,  Lighthouse X is holding a Intimate concert, and it is going to be with a live stream

The event is taking place on April 25th from 8 pm CEST, you can follow the stream here :

It will be possible for the audience both attending live and by the stream to asked them questions.

Søren from Lighthouse X tells “We are very exited and looking forward to test this format, it is very intimate and also very wide-ranging, it is a wild contrast to the performance we’re working on to the Eurovision Song Concest. It going to be a sort of back to basic as a performance, but I think it is very healthy for us, no matter where and how we perform, our mission is the same, to give a positiv difference thru music, because we utterly believe that music can unite people, in a way no other communication can”


Picture for this presentation was taken by Mads Tegler and send to us by Have Communication


Born in 1971, worked with Photo from the age of 12, been concert photograph for the last 14 years been a photograph on Smukfest and last 4 years on Spot Festival.
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