Wangel – Spotfestival 2015

In 2015 Wangel performed on Spotfestival, he filled the concert hall, and guest wanted in, had to wait in line and could only be let in, when other guest left

Wangel was nominated last year to one of those you had to hear, this year might not be any different, looking forward to see and hear his concert on this years Spotfestival

The lead singer is Peter Wangel, and the bands other half is Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt, and they startet working together since 2013

Do as us and  go hear Wangel on this year of SpotFestival

Born in 1971, worked with Photo from the age of 12, been concert photograph for the last 14 years been a photograph on Smukfest and last 4 years on Spot Festival.
Provide tour picture to L.O.C

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