Benal – Livecamp 2015 -Smukfest 2016

Benal stared on last year Livecamp@Smukfest, Gaffa Magasin nominated them to become one to watch for 2016

Benal is a constraction of the first names of the dou Benjamin and Albert and startet Benal in 2012 and attended Denmarks Radio P3 Karriere kanon in 2012, and was between the 14 finalist.

So lookout for Benal, they are here to stay, and playing Smukfest 2016


Born in 1971, worked with Photo from the age of 12, been concert photograph for the last 14 years been a photograph on Smukfest and last 4 years on Spot Festival.
Provide tour picture to L.O.C

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